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AYA Medical and Psychosocial Services

Medical Care

Treatments for younger children and older adults are not always appropriate for adolescents. At the Children's Cancer Hospital, adolescents and young adults (AYAs) receive specialized patient care, designed to treat cancer aggressively while minimizing the long-term effects. Patients will have access to the most current therapies and clinical trials to test new treatments.

Services Include:

  • The latest anti-cancer therapies for malignant diseases
  • Innovative surgical techniques to preserve normal function and appearance
  • Outpatient treatments to minimize hospital stays and keep patients active
  • A team of medical specialists to manage any medical problems
  • Sexuality and fertility counseling, including sperm banking
  • Adolescent and young adult lounge, library and recreational center (9th floor, Alkek Building)

For more information on AYA medical care, contact:
Anna Franklin, M.D., Medical Director
Adolescent & Young Adult Program
(713) 792-6620

Psychosocial Care

With adolescents and young adults, treating cancer is only half of the equation. This is a time when they are enjoying friendships, making educational decisions, choosing careers and starting families. We provide a complete network of support services to help all AYA patients at MD Anderson get on with their lives and leave cancer in the past.

Services Include:

  • Career and vocational counseling - to assist with college preparation and vocational and career opportunities
  • Education and Creative Arts Program - offering instruction, tutoring, college planning and more
  • Special events such as summer camps and other social activities
  • Adolescent life specialists who can help patients connect with their peers and make the most of their time at the hospital
  • Cancer180 - a program connecting AYA patients, survivors and their friends through fun social events in the community
  • Counseling, psychological services, and support groups for AYA patients and survivors

For more information on AYA psychosocial services, contact:
Martha Askins, Ph.D., Psychosocial Director
Adolescent & Young Adult Program
(713) 794-4467

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