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Best Doctors in America, 2010 - 2011


MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital congratulates its physicians who were recognized in this year's "Best Doctors in America" survey. 

Best Doctors was founded in 1989 by two Harvard Medical School physicians and is determined from a peer review by thousands of doctors. Those who earn the consensus support of their peers, as well as meet additional qualification criteria, are included. 

This year's recognized members include:

Joann Ater, M.D. 
Cynthia Herzog, M.D. 
Dennis Hughes, M.D., Ph.D. 
Winston Huh, M.D. 
Michael Rytting, M.D. 
Tribhawan Vats, M.D. 
Laura Worth, M.D., Ph.D. 
Keith Hoots, M.D. 
Alan Fields, M.D. 
Steven Waguespack, M.D. 
John Slopis, M.D.

And our associates in other divisions who work with our pediatric patients:

Anita Mahajan, M.D. 
Adelaide Hebert, M.D. 
Andrea Hayes-Jordan, M.D. 
Jon Rhoads, M.D. 
William Dreyer, M.D. 

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