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Patients who are receiving chemotherapy or radiation may be at risk of infection. The most common sign of infection is a fever. Other symptoms include: 

  • Chills or sweats
  • Cough, mucous production, shortness of breath or painful breathing
  • Soreness or swelling in your mouth, ulcers or white patches in your mouth, or a change in the color of your gums
  • Pain or burning during urination or an odor to your urine
  • Redness, pain or swelling of any area of your skin
  • Redness, pain, swelling or drainage from any tube you may have (e.g., Hickman catheter, J-tube, urinary catheter)
  • Pus or drainage from an open cut or sore

Please call your doctor if you are not feeling well and have a fever. If your center is closed, please call the Emergency Center at 713-792-3722.

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Preventing Infections 

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