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Pediatric Education & Creative Arts Program

At the Children’s Cancer Hospital at MD Anderson, we care about the future of our patients and want to ensure they are given the tools and resources they need in order to continue their education without interruption.

All patients are invited to participate in our in-hospital private school, which focuses on elementary through secondary (K-12) education. This school program is available to outpatients as well as inpatients. Along with academic services, we offer post-secondary educational and vocational support through Career & Vocational Counseling.  

The Pediatric Education Program includes the following services:

  • Academic instruction and tutorial support
  • Bedside and one-on-one instruction
  • Community school support for school-aged siblings of patients
  • Educational counseling and school re-entry services
  • Facilitating communication with community schools, including, but not limited to help with 504 and IEP
  • Educational field trips, both through off-site trips and on-site through distance learning 
  • School re-entry visits with community school classmates, teachers, and staff about cancer and its side effects

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