BY Kellie Bramlet

Sticking to an exercise routine while helping a loved one through cancer treatment can be a challenge. That's especially true when you're spending a lot of time at the hospital or clinic.

But you don't have to train for a 5K or go to the gym to burn calories and enjoy the benefits of exercise. Many things you do while you're at MD Anderson count as exercise.

"Any time you're moving around counts,...

Cancer caregivers can learn how to get exercise at MD Anderson.

BY Ronnie Pace

There are approximately 2,200 men in the United States who are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, and I am one of them.


BY Jennifer Davis

If my doctors at MD Anderson had told me that I would be standing on top of Camelback Mountain in Arizona just 10 months after my stem cell...

BY Lynn Randolph

Every Tuesday afternoon for the last seven years, I've visited MD Anderson to help cancer patients and families in the palliative care unit heal through art. I do this as an artist-in-residence with a non-profit organization called COLLAGE: The Art For Cancer Network.  

Both my husband and my brother were patients at MD Anderson. When I was asked to become an artist-in-residence at the hospital, I was reluctant. My husband's...

Caregiver Lynn Randolph share how she helps patients and families heal with art during palliative care.

BY Laura Nathan-Garner

The minutes, days and weeks after you're diagnosed with cancer can be overwhelming, scary and lonely.

But, as cancer patients and...

BY Karen Fore

As a volunteer with CanCare and myCancerConnection, MD Anderson's one-on-one program that connects cancer patients and caregivers with others...

BY Laura Nathan-Garner

When a friend or loved one receives a cancer diagnosis, it's important to be there and show you care. But finding the right words can be hard...

BY Judith Miller

I always tell women to get their regular mammograms. That's how doctors spotted my lung cancer.

A chance lung cancer diagnosis

BY Karen Fore

I have an iron-clad immune system -- or so I thought. I was hardly ever sick.

That is, until 2009 and 2010, when I got the flu. I...

BY Anton Blender

In 2003, Bethany Brown found out she’d gotten an interview for nursing school. She tried calling her father to share the good news, but he...