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Take the challenge to eat more fruits and vegetables. Learn the dos and don’ts of exercise to get the best cancer-fighting body. Get tips on buying video games that’ll entice kids to exercise.

Healthy Bites

fruits vegetables challenge

Ernesto rarely ate fruits and vegetables. Then, he learned that a plant-based diet is one of the best ways to curb cancer risks. So, Ernesto learned to love fruits and vegetables.

Get Ernesto’s diet advice.

fruitsChallenge resources
Try healthy recipes
Print our produce guide
Get tips to preserve produce
Watch Ernesto’s video

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Cancer Prevention Tips

exercise myths

7 Exercise myths debunked

Exercise is a great way to lower your cancer risks. We bust common fitness myths to help you get the best cancer-fighting body exercise has to offer.

Get exercise truths.

Video games: Exercise for kids?

Active-play video games can give kids a workout, but not all are created equal. Use our tips to spot games that’ll get kids moving.

Find out which games are best.