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Take the “eat more whole grains” challenge and learn easy ways to add more grains. Learn what you need to know about polyps and colon cancer. Get tips to boost your walking workout to prevent cancer.

Healthy Bites

whole grains

Avoid brown bread and rice? You may need more whole grains to help lower colorectal cancer risks and stay at a healthy weight. Learn how Sarai made the switch. 

Add more whole grains

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Try flavorful whole grain recipes
Print out whole grain guides

Get useful grain tips

Watch Sarai’s video

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Cancer Prevention Tips

polyps colon cancer

Colon polyps: What to ask your doctor

Do you have colon polyps? Don’t worry. Most aren’t cancer. But some types do up colon cancer risks. So, stay informed.

Learn what you should know.

walking prevent

Boost your walking workout to prevent cancer

Do you enjoy a long walk? If it’s exercise you want, a casual stroll won’t do the trick to prevent cancer.

Find out how to step it up.