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Take the “drink more water” challenge to rid your body of toxins and feel full longer, so you’ll eat less. Find out if your family history makes you a candidate for genetic testing. Get our list of seven cancer-fighting power foods for men.

Healthy Bites

Drinking too many sugary drinks can add extra calories, leading to unwanted weight gain and increased cancer risks. Find out how Gary learned to drink less soda and more water.

Make water your drink of choice.

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Healthy drink recipe
Your water guide and journal

Water tips: better nutrition, fewer calories

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Cancer Prevention Tips

Men: 7 cancer-fighting foods

A healthy diet helps reduce your chances for cancer. But some foods have powerful natural chemicals that can give you an extra cancer-fighting boost.

Find out which power foods to eat.

Who needs genetic testing for cancer?

Genetic testing recently has become a hot topic. If you’ve had relatives with cancer, you might wonder if you should get tested.

Get facts to make an informed decision.