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Take the “avoid processed meat” challenge to keep your colon cancer risks low. Get tips to reduce your exposure to everyday toxins. Learn how to give grilling a healthy makeover.

Healthy Bites

healthy charisse

Eating processed meat can increase your colorectal cancer risks. That’s because cancer-causing substances form when meats are preserved. So, Charisse learned to cut back.

Find out how.

healthy meatChallenge resources
Try meatless recipes
Print processed meat guides
Find tips for better nutrition
Watch Charisse’s video

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Cancer Prevention Tips

environment health

Cancer and the environment: Get advice

Together, these small steps may reduce your exposure to everyday toxins and, possibly, your risks for cancer.

Get tips detox to your lifestyle. 

barbecue grilling

Healthy grilling makeover for your barbecue

Summer is a popular season for outdoor grilling. But before you fire up the grill, take the right precautions to make sure you’re not exposed to increased cancer risks.

Learn barbecue basics.