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Start your New Year right by making healthier choices. Take the breakfast challenge and get our list of the best foods to fuel your day. Learn easy ways to get your heart pumping in minutes. And, find out why you shouldn’t put off a Pap test.

Healthy Bites

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January's challenge: Eat breakfast daily
Start your year right with a cancer-fighting breakfast! It’ll keep you fueled so you’ll make healthier choices all day long. Read how Armando conquered the breakfast challenge. 

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Try healthy recipes.
Get nutrition tips.
Print out breakfast food lists.
Watch the breakfast video.

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Your 2013 Health Guide

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5 Pap test facts you must know
You may find Pap tests awkward and uncomfortable. But, this exam is worth the brief discomfort. Our expert explains why you shouldn’t put it off. 
Get must-know facts.


Exercise: Get it done in minutes
Can’t fit in even 30 minutes of exercise? We’ve got easy ways to get your heart pumping — even when you’ve only got a minute. 
Get fit fast.