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Take the “eat every 5-6 hours” challenge and get our list of the best snack foods. Find out if vitamins and supplements actually prevent cancer. And, get tips for a flawless tan that won’t increase skin cancer risks.

Healthy Bites

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February’s challenge: Eat every 5-6 hours
If you rarely eat three balanced meals, your body is missing out on vital nutrients. Find out how Ella learned to fit healthy meals and snacks into her busy day. And, get recipes for healthy snacking. Learn how to eat better.

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Try nutritious snack recipes
Print out healthy snack guides

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Your health & wellness

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Vitamin supplements: Do they prevent cancer?
Many of us buy and regularly take vitamins and other supplements to prevent diseases like cancer. But do they really work wonders? 
Get must-know facts.

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Get the skin – ny on a guilt-free tan
Want to add color to your skin without raising skin cancer risks? Go faux! Use our expert tips for a flawless self tan. 
Get a healthy glow.