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Focused on Health

Take the “MyPlate” challenge and learn about portion size and what foods to include on your plate. Learn about yoga’s health benefits. Get tips to save money at the grocery store while filling your pantry with cancer-fighting foods.

Healthy Bites

food challenge

Not sure what portion sizes to serve for certain foods? MyPlate visually shows you how to fill your plate. Find out how Brittnee learned to add vital nutrients to her diet.

Make your plate healthier.

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Try healthy, easy-to-make recipes
Print MyPlate guides
Get useful MyPlate food resources
Watch Brittnee’s video

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Cancer Prevention Tips

food guides

7 tips for affordable cancer-fighting foods

Ready to save a few bucks at the grocery store? Use these tips to cut back on your bill and still fill your pantry with nutritious, cancer-fighting food.

Get cost-cutting tips.


Yoga: Build a strong body and mind

Doing yoga can help relieve stress and improve your overall health. But, what yoga style is right for you?

Find your yoga style.