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You can lower your risks for cancer if you eat the right foods, exercise daily, maintain a healthy weight, avoid tobacco, protect your skin and get the right screening exams. And, adopting healthier habits now will help keep you in fighting shape if you do develop cancer later.

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5 foods that fight cancer
Want to eat your way to cancer prevention? Certain foods can help. Find out which ones can help take a bite out of your cancer risks.
Feast on these foods.

Checklist: Lifesaving tests you need
Not sure which cancer screening exams you should get? Find out what tests you need for your age. Use our checklists.
Get our men's checklist. 
Get our women's checklist.

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How to build a cancer - fighting body

5 ultimate skin savers
Forget premature wrinkles and other signs of aging. Being sun-savvy can keep you and your skin looking youthful — and cancer-free. Get tips.

Cut stress fast
We all get stressed sometimes. And, if you don’t keep stress in check, your immune system may have to work harder to fight off diseases like cancer. Learn the best ways to unwind.

Exercise: Moves you can use
Haven’t worked out lately — or ever? Good news: you don’t have to go to the gym to build a cancer-fighting body. Get moves you can use.