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This season, don’t forget your health. It never takes a holiday. Learn which foods you should add to your holiday table — and how much sugar it’s safe to eat. Also, find out how to get a grip on holiday stress and simple steps to quit smoking.

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45 healthy holiday foods
Don’t miss out on cancer-fighting nutrients during the holidays. Use our grocery list to stock up on the season’s healthiest foods. Print the list.

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Holiday Health

sugar, cancer

Does cancer love sugar?
Does eating sugary holiday treats up your odds of getting cancer? Before indulging, find out if cancer is sweet on sugar. Learn the facts

stress, breathing

5-minute holiday stress busters
Overwhelmed by your holiday to-do list? Find out how to avoid a season of discontent. Get 5-minute stress busters.

smoking, quit

Quit smoking: 6 simple steps
Know someone who wants to quit smoking? Encourage that person to make a plan to snuff out for the Great American Smokeout on Nov. 15. We’ve got tips to help  kick the habit for good. Share our quit-tips.