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Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States. Follow these sun-safety tips and learn to maximize your sunscreen's protection. And, get a list of reasons to schedule a skin check-up.

Featured Recipe

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Blueberry Watermelon Freeze
Looking for a treat to beat the heat? Whip up blueberry watermelon freezes. It’s the perfect cool, cancer-fighting snack. Try this recipe.

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Skin Cancer Awareness Month

sunscreen spf

Sunscreen: New Rules to Play By
Should you splurge on SPF 100? The FDA helps you answer that question with new rules for sunscreen labels. 
Learn about the biggest changes.

skin mole

Holy Mole-y! 9 Reasons for a Skin Check-up
Red hair, freckles and moles aren’t the only signs for a yearly skin check-up. Do you fall into one of these other skin groups? 
Find out.


Ripe Berries for the Picking
Let’s face it: not all berries are equally tasty — or fresh. And, eating less-than-fresh berries means less cancer-fighting nutrients. 
Get the berry best tips.