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Colon cancer prevention is crucial. Take action to avoid this cancer by getting the right nutrients and having the right exam done at the right time.

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Recipe: Brown Rice with Cranberries
What’s one of the easiest ways to eat more whole grains? Replace white rice with brown. 
Try this fiber-ful recipe.

Printout: How to Spot Whole Grains
Download this whole grains checklist. Let it be your cheat sheet at your next trip to the grocery store. 
Get the printout.

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Colorectal Cancer: Keep It in Your Rearview

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Eat Fiber, Fight Cancer
If your idea of fiber is a breakfast bar, think again! You can get more cancer-fighting benefits from fiber in plant-based foods. Learn how to add fiber.

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Colon Screening: Colonoscopy vs. Virtual Colonoscopy
50 or older? You’ve got colorectal screening choices. Many people opt for a colonoscopy. But, virtual colonoscopy also is an option. Let's compare the two.

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Whole Grains: Weed Out Imposter Ingredients
Yes, whole grains are loaded with cancer-fighting nutrients. But not all grains do the trick. Don’t be deceived by misleading food labels. Find out what to look for.