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Start 2012 on a healthy note. Learn what symptoms should send women straight to the gynecologist. Find out how the birth control pill and red wine can affect your chances of developing cancer. And, learn how to build a cancer-fighting salad.

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cancer calories salad

How to Build a Cancer-Fighting Salad
A good salad can help prevent cancer. But not just any ingredient — or portion size — will do. 
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Your Health in 2012

women symptoms

10 Cancer Symptoms Women Shouldn’t Ignore
Pelvic pain isn’t the only sign of gynecologic cancer. Know what warning signs should send you straight to your gynecologist. 
Learn what to look for.

resolution, lose weight

Why New Year’s Resolutions Are a Bad Idea
If New Year's resolutions don't work for you, don’t blame yourself. They don't work for this writer either. 
Learn why they’re doomed to failure.

wine cancer

Red Wine: Drink Up to Take Cancer Down?
Can a glass of wine a day keep the doctor away? We’ve broken down the perks and drawbacks of indulging in wine. 
Sip on the facts.

pill cancer

The Pill and Cancer: What You Should Know
Your birth control pill does more than just prevent pregnancy. It also can affect your risk for cancer. 
Find out how.