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Fit in at least 30 minutes of activity every day to lower your chances for many common cancers. Learn what types of activities to include in your cancer prevention workout.

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shoe workout

Downloads: The Best Workout Shoe for Your Feet
A good cross-trainer can make your workout much more comfortable. But finding the perfect fit can be tricky. 
Find out what to look for.

Videos: Exercise Moves at Your Desk
Get exercise by sneaking in short workouts at the office. We’ve got moves you can use. View our videos: 
Desk stretches 
Office exercises

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Be Fit to Beat Cancer

exercise cancer

Exercise: Get It Done in Minutes
Can’t fit in even 30 minutes of exercise? We’ve got easy ways to get your heart pumping — even when you’ve only got a minute. Get fit fast.

fitness workout

Workout Burnout? 3 Hot Class Combos
Push your body to higher levels of fitness by trying one of these trendy classes. Each combines the best moves from exercises like yoga and cycling. Check out our list.

cancer fighting workout

Fit Physicians: How Our Docs Get Exercise
Busy schedule? Our doctors know the feeling. But, even they have to exercise to beat cancer. Learn how they do it.