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Recipe: Flavored water

Focused on Health - August 2012

flavored water recipeFind water tasteless? The solution is simple: toss in a little fruit!

The fruit will add disease-fighting vitamins and antioxidants and jazz up your beverage. Plus, you’ll be more likely to drink the 64 ounces of real water you need each day. That’s about eight to ten glasses of refreshing goodness that keep your body hydrated and working efficiently.

Try these ideas to flavor-up your water.

  • Add slices of fresh lemon or lime.
  • Slice an orange and squeeze in the juice. Toss in the squeezed slices for extra flavor.
  • Mash a cup of strawberries or raspberries with a fork.  Toss the mashed fruit into your water and stir.
  • Chop up a few leaves of fresh mint and cut some slices of cucumber. Toss the mint and cucumber into your water for an extra refreshing taste.

Julia Child said it best: “Water is the most neglected nutrient in your diet, but one of the most vital.” So, fill your glass and drink up!

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