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Cancer prevention starts with eating the right foods and drinks, maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding tobacco. Quench your thirst for better health by learning which water drinks really benefit you. And, find out how to teach your kids to make healthier choices.


Flavored water
Wish you could make your next glass of water a little tastier? Toss in a little fruit! You’ll add flavor and cancer-fighting nutrients. 
Try our flavored water recipe.
Get more cancer prevention recipes.

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Water drinks: Imposters exposed
Many drinks with ‘water’ in their name are actually loaded with sugar and empty calories. And, that can add up to unhealthy weight gain. Learn what to look for.

Grab and go! Snacks for healthy kids
Want your kids to snack their way to better health? Help them go for the gold with our kid-friendly snack ideas. Get no-fuss options. And, grab our peanut butter yogurt dip recipe.

8 answers to kids’ toughest smoking questions
“Why can’t you stop smoking?” Need help answering this and kids’ other tough smoking questions? Eric and Joanne, puppets from Our Too Cool to Smoke puppet show, can help. Find answers.