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Your food choices can impact your chances for cancer. Learn how to rein in unhealthy food cravings, find out what foods to include on your plate and get a list of low-cost, seasonal fruits and vegetables.

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Recipe: Sweet Potato Burgers
Sweet potato burgers make veggies the star course on your plate. Plus, they’re a creative alternative to beef burgers. Try this meatless recipe.

Printout: Healthy Cooking Substitutions
Want to maintain a healthy weight and be more fit to fight cancer? Trimming calories and fat from what you eat can help. Use these easy substitutes.

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Target Healthy Eating This Spring

food cravings

Hunger Games: Kill Food Cravings
When an unhealthy food craving hits, it knows no mercy. And, indulging in every craving can up your weight gain and cancer risks. Get tips to rein in cravings.   

foods fruits vegetables

7 Easy-on-the-Wallet Fruits & Veggies
Are fresh fruits and veggies too pricey for you? Well, break it down to cents, and you’ll see buying these foods makes lots of sense! See our seasonal faves.

food meals

Food Tips from a Dietitian’s Plate
No one knows better than our dieticians the importance of food choices. So, what are they eating to stay cancer-free? Find out what’s on their plate.