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Don’t let the sun’s warmer rays put you at higher risk of skin cancer. Follow our skin cancer prevention tips and learn to maximize your sunscreen's protection without sacrificing sun safety. Find out how to safely fill up on vitamin D. Map your moles to spot skin cancer early. And, get tips to boost your walking workout.

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Skin Cancer Prevention

May: Skin Cancer Awareness Month

sun safetyMay at a Glance: Get quick tips.

The SKIN ny on Vitamin D

Don’t sacrifice sun-safety to get your fill of vitamin D. Certain food items can do the trick. 
Vitamin D rich foods.

skin cancer prevention
Walking: Boost Your Summer Stride

Warmer weather have you itching for a long walk? If it’s exercise you want, a casual stroll won’t do the trick. 
Learn how to step it up

skin cancer prevention
Sunscreen: Tips to Wear It Well

Want to avoid sunburns and skin cancer? A dab of sunscreen just won’t do. 
Sunscreen tips.

skin cancer prevention
Mole Map: Connect the Spots

Keeping track of strange skin spots is a must. And luckily, most skin cancers show up in easy-to-view areas. 
Mole map.