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When it comes to health apps, many don’t get the job done. Learn how to separate good ones from bad. And, get our list of top health apps and interactive websites.

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health appASPIRE: Game On, Cigarettes Out

Smoking isn’t child’s play. Learn how ASPIRE, our interactive game, can help teens kick butts.

VIDEO: ASPIRE: Teen Smoking Prevention (2:46)

AUDIO: A Smoking Prevention Interactive Experience (9:20)

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Health Apps

health appsJuly at a Glance: Get the highlights.

How to Choose a Better Health App

Put on your detective hat. Our experts show you how to sniff out reliable health apps. 
Health app tips.

myplateServe Up Healthier Food with MyPlate

Serve up healthier food portions with the government’s new MyPlate food icon and interactive tool, the Daily Food Plan. 
Find your serving size.

doctor health app
Use Cancer Risk Check, Improve Your Doctor Visit

Want to get more out of your next doctor’s appointment? Our Cancer Risk Check online tool can help. 
Cancer Risk Check.

health appsMobile & Web Health Apps to Prevent Cancer

A good health app can be hard to find. So, we’ve put together a list of some of the best ones. 
Best health apps.