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Screening tests can help prevent the most common types of cancer in women. Get health tips based on your age and view our checklist for screening exams by age. And, discover the truth about menopause and cancer risk.

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friendsFind out if these exams are right for you. Get answers to commonly asked questions.

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Cancer in Women

Age-Proof Your HealthCancer in Women

Life changes at every decade. So does your body. Learn how to stay fit in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. 
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Cancer in Women
Menopause: Gateway to Cancer?

Our expert clears up the confusion about this topic by responding to commonly asked menopause questions. 
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Screening Exams by AgeCancer Screening for Women

Do you know what exams you need? The answer depends on your age. Use our exam checklist at your next check-up. 
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Cancer Fighting FoodsRecipe: Tomato Soup

Tackle cancer — and winter — with this tummy-warming old-fashioned tomato soup. 
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