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Exercise and cancer prevention go hand in hand. Exercise for at least 30 minutes a day to fight off diseases like cancer. Learn how to stay motivated in this month’s issue. Amp up your workout with trendy dance classes. Get expert running and stretching tips. And, boost your energy with our list of workout “power” foods.

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Want to learn proper exercise techniques? Our fitness expert shows you how to get it done!

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Exercise and Cancer Prevention

Exercise and Cancer PreventionDance Into the Exercise Groove

In an exercise rut? Here’s an idea: try nightclub cardio or pole dancing. These workouts are so much fun you’ll forget you’re exercising.  
Try these dance classes 

Exercise and Cancer PreventionRace Your Way to Fitness

Cydni Ellis, once a “running novice,” trained for her first half-marathon and achieved her fitness goals. You can, too! 
Get expert running tips

Stretch Out Your WorkoutExercise and Cancer Prevention

Tempted to leave stretching out of your workout? Don’t. Skipping a good stretch means you’re missing great benefits. 
Learn quick and easy stretches

Exercise and Cancer PreventionFoods to Fuel Your Workout

Boost your energy level and fitness results by fueling up with cancer-fighting workout foods. 
See what’s on the menu