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Read about kids health and give them a healthy start to keep them cancer-free later in live. Learn about foods to help turn picky eaters into healthy eaters. Find out which video games actually get kids to exercise. And, learn how to talk to kids about avoiding tanning beds.

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recipeRecipe: Peanut Butter Grahams

Kids — and kids at heart — will love this updated take on s’mores. No fire required! 
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Kids' Health

kids healthHow to Have the Tanning Bed Talk with Your Kids

You’ve talked to your kids about sex, smoking and drugs. But have you had the tanning bed talk? You should. 

Tanning beds and skin cancer.


kids healthVideo Games: Exercise for Kids?

Not all active-play video games give kids a workout. Use our checklist to spot games that’ll entice your kids to move. 

Exercise for kids.


kids healthVegetables: Foods Your Kids Can Love

Got picky eaters in your family? Our expert says it is possible to turn them into veggie lovers. 

Vegetables for kids.