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The food you put in your body plays a vital role in preventing cancer. Learn how to create a cancer prevention diet and what foods are best. Make healthier meals with our cooking shortcuts. Find out what drinks offer the most health benefits. And, get our expert review of popular diets.

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Cancer Prevention DietVideo: Cooking Healthy (1:04:10)
Watch as Scott Uehlein, corporate chef at the world famous Canyon Ranch, demonstrates how to make flavorful, healthy meals.

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Cancer Prevention Diet

weightApril at a Glance: Get bite-sized tips.

Diet Review: Foods for Thought

Do you need a nutrition makeover? Our nutrition expert separates the good from the bad among popular diets. 
Get nutrition tips.

Cancer Prevention DietFood in a Flash: Cooking Shortcuts

Creating a cancer prevention diet is easy with these tips on cooking quick and healthy meals.
Get cooking shortcuts.

Cancer Prevention Diet

Drink a Glass of Health

Drinking lots of fluids helps rid your body of harmful toxins. But not every drink does the trick. We break down the good and bad. 
Get the dos & don’ts.

Cancer Prevention DietRecipes & More

Put cancer prevention in your kitchen. Try our cancer prevention diet recipes or use our cancer prevention grocery list next time you go to the store.
Recipe Database
Cancer Prevention Grocery List