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This season, don’t forget your health. It never takes a holiday. Get healthy holiday recipes for great party snacks. Learn easy ways to fit exercise into your busy holiday schedule, and find out how to beat holiday stress. Also, learn how to make a family medical tree.

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family snowLearn what “red flags” to watch out for when reviewing your family’s history of cancer. Finding one or more of these may be a sign that you’re at increased risk.

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A Healthier Holiday

5-Minute Holiday Stress Reliefsnowflake

Whatever your holiday woes, don’t turn this into a season of discontent. After all, stress is no holiday gift. 
Combat stress with these quick tips.

healthy exercisesHoliday Exercise: No Gym Required

Forget those excuses for not exercising. Just add some heart-pumping twists to tasks already on your holiday to-do list. 
Burn extra holiday calories.

Healthy Holiday RecipesHealthy Holiday Recipes

Who says holiday snacks have to be high in fat and sugar? Try these healthy party snack swaps at your next holiday gathering. 
Get recipes.

Activity: Create a Family History Tree

winter treeHoliday gatherings are perfect for learning what cancers run in your family. Doing this may help ensure you enjoy many more holidays. Make your medical family tree. 

It’s Lung Cancer Awareness Month!

Whether you smoke three cigarettes or three packs of cigarettes a day, it’s tough to kick the habit. Learn what aids our experts recommend.