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Exercise and cancer prevention go hand-in-hand. Exercise for at least 30 minutes every day to lower your chances for many common cancers. Learn what activities to include in your cancer prevention workout and why ab workouts can give you extra cancer-fighting power. Also, get MD Anderson’s exclusive seven-day exercise plan!

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7-Day Exercise Plan Demonstration VideosExercise and Cancer Prevention

Want to learn proper exercise techniques? Our fitness expert shows you how to get it done!

Back & Stomach Plan
Lower Body Plan
Circuit Training Plan
Upper Body Plan

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Exercise and Cancer Prevention

Exercise Benefits You Inside and OutExercise and Cancer Prevention

Stay active for at least 30 minutes every day. Learn how increasing your heart rate can lower your chances for cancer. Read more about how exercise benefits you

Your 7-Day Exercise Plan

Exercise is most effective if done properly. Check out our tailored plan and videos for beginner and advanced exercise options. Get our physical activity plan

Exercise and Cancer PreventionGet Rid of Belly Fat to Fight Cancer

Crunch away cancer with leaner abs. Learn how extra belly fat may increase your chances for cancer. Read more about belly fat and cancer

Yoga Benefits Include Preventing CancerExercise and Cancer Prevention

Can you reduce your chances of getting cancer by doing yoga? Learn what types to include in your cancer prevention workout. Read more about preventing cancer and yoga