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Thursday: Preventing Cancer with Cardio

Focused on Health - February 2010

If you can’t complete all the suggested reps in this program, start by doing less and gradually increase to the recommended number. If you are just starting an exercise program, you may consider adding activity on two to four days of the week, and gradually increase to the recommended seven days a week. Doing some exercise is better than doing none.

Step 1: Cardio
30 minutes

If you go to a gym, ride the exercise bike, jog/run on the treadmill or use the elliptical machine for 30 minutes. No gym, no problem! Go for a 30-minute brisk walk, jog or run, swim laps or put on your favorite workout DVD.

Advanced option: Pump-up your workout to a full 60 minutes.

Step 2: Stretching
10 – 15 minutes

The first step to any workout routine is to evaluate how fit you are for your chosen physical activity. Whenever you begin an exercise program, it's wise to consult a doctor.

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