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Management and Stress: Tips from Real People

Focused on Health - August 2010

by Laura Nathan-Garner

We get stressed for dozens of reasons. But as we learned from chatting with friends from around the Web, and our Facebook and Twitter followers, there are dozens of ways to unwind. (Thank goodness!)

Below, we share some of their creative strategies for de-stressing.

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  • Slideshow 1 people running - Aug 2010

    Running clubs

    I run with a running club — a group of women [who] run early every Sunday morning, year round, no matter what the season. Our runs are MY therapy. I get the health benefits of the distance running and the emotional benefits from running with a “pack.”

    —Mary L.

  • Slideshow 2 woman cleaning - Aug 2010

    Cleaning the clutter

    I can't believe I am saying this, but I clean house. Of course, sometimes cleaning is not an option and a nap does wonders.

    —Lynda H.

  • Slideshow 3 lavendar bath - Aug 2010

    Lavender baths

    I take a 30-45 minute lavender bath.

    —Angela M.

  • Slideshow 4 - yoga pose Aug 2010


    When I find myself overwhelmed, I stop EVERYTHING, do a forward bend for a few minutes, and then stand up and say, “For the next few hours, I'm going to do only one thing at a time, and do that one thing very, very well.”

    —Jacqueline E.

  • Slideshow 5 hanging photo - Aug 2010

    Serene pictures

    I have a small office with no windows. To reduce stress at work, I have taken pictures of the great outdoors and the ocean, and put them all over my tiny office space walls.

    —Michael C.

  • Slideshow 6 friends - Aug 2010


    I reduce stress with yoga, time with friends, or read a book to take me to another place.


  • Slideshow 7 - singing Aug 2010


    I watch short segments of “Mama Mia” when I’ve had a stressful day. It’s impossible to stay stressed out listening to “Dancing Queen” or “If You Change Your Mind.” The music is infectious.  I want to get up and sing and dance around for hours. 

    — Christy M.

  • Slideshow 8 pilates - Aug 2010


    I started doing pilates recently, and I found it also reduces your stress level. Very relaxing and invigorating at the same time.

    —Nancy R.

  • Slideshow 9 golf - Aug 2010


    I hit golf balls at a driving range. It requires extreme focus, it's quiet, and it’s me against me. Every shot I make, I think of it as a problem in my life. I set up for my shot, I look at something that needs improvement, look at the best possible way to fix it, and swing. 

    —Blake T.

  • Slideshow 10 reading - Aug 2010


    I read.

    —Sherry Z.

  • Slideshow 11 funny show - Aug 2010


    I take a bubble bath and watch a funny show. There's no better medicine than a nice bath and some laughter after a stressful day.

    —Connie R.

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