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Stress weakens the immune system, making it harder for the body to fight cancer. Get creative strategies for de-stressing. Learn how relationships improve health and reduce stress. Discover the truth about supplements and cancer prevention.

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stress and cancerYoga and Tai Chi
Discover exercises you can do to relieve stress through improved breathing, balance and flexibility.

Video: Tai Chi (1:35)
Video: Tibetan Yoga (1:23)
Video: Kundalini Yoga (1:51)


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Find cancer prevention resources and tools.

Mind & Body

Relationships and Cancer: Are They Linked?relationships and cancer

Studies prove healthy relationships do equal a healthier you. But, strong relationships don’t happen overnight.
Make relationships work for you 

stress and cancerStress on Your Mind? Cut It in 5

Sometimes, it seems hard to find a reason to not feel stressed. Don’t let stress wreak havoc on your body.
Try these strategies

Nutritional Supplements: Health or Hype?supplements and cancer

Many of us buy and regularly take vitamins and other supplements. But do they really work wonders?  
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stress and cancerManagement and Stress: Tips from Real People

Our friends from around the Web, and our Facebook and Twitter followers, share the ways they unwind.  
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