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Focused on Health

Focused on Health is a monthly publication for the public, individuals who have not been diagnosed with cancer or who have successfully completed cancer treatment. Readers will learn from the experts how diet, exercise, sun protection, tobacco cessation and wellness exams can help them lead a healthier life.

Men's Health Update

Flaxseed Joins the Gentlemen’s ClubFlaxseed Jar
Incorporating flaxseed into your diet may help reduce prostate cancer risks

Read what M. D. Anderson thinks about flaxseed’s exciting role as a possible prostate power food. Learn how eating flaxseed may help men prevent prostate cancer, and get ideas on how to add this plant-based food into everyday recipes. Read more

Doctor Check-upGet the Facts: Men’s Cancer Check-up    

Want to know one of the best defense strategies for beating cancer? Get tested! If cancer is hiding out in your body, regular exams will help your doctor find the disease as early as possible. Learn what tests every man should get. Read more

Eight Prostate Power FoodsSuper Broccolli
Ultimate nutrition for prostate cancer prevention

It is no secret that eating healthy is important. But are there special foods that help prevent prostate cancer? Review what the latest research says about certain tasty and healthy foods. Read more