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Focused on Health

Focused on Health is a monthly publication for the public, individuals who have not been diagnosed with cancer or who have successfully completed cancer treatment. Readers will learn from the experts how diet, exercise, sun protection, tobacco cessation and wellness exams can help them lead a healthier life.

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Family Health and Nutrition

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Celebrate Independence Day while reducing your cancer risks

Summer is in full swing, and the July 4th holiday is upon us. Barbequing is a perfect way to celebrate. Before enjoying the delicious taste of grilled food, read our grilling guide for tips that can help you and your family stay healthy.  Read more

Where’s the Beef?

You do not need to give up red meat to be healthy, but evidence does suggest you would be wise to limit how much you eat. Read more

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A healthy lifestyle is often the best way to prevent many types of cancer. Learn what healthy habits will put children on the right path to preventing cancer as adults. Read more


Get Your Spud Moving
Ten expert tips to get your kid off the couchKids Exercise

Some kids are interested in physical activity. Other kids prefer activities like playing an instrument or watching television and may not be getting enough exercise. Our expert suggests creative ways to get kids moving. Read more