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Focused on Health

Learn from the experts how diet, exercise, sun protection, tobacco cessation and wellness exams can help you lead a healthier life.

February is National Cancer Prevention Awareness Month.


Take Action to Prevent Cancer (03:18)

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In the February issue of Focused on Health:

Yes You Can!

Irma De La Fuente, 59, grew-up in Mexico surrounded by smokers. So, it is no surprise that she began smoking at age 15. Learn how Irma kicked the habit for good by joining M. D. Anderson’s Si Se Puede cancer prevention study. This smoking cessation study provides participants with a hand-held computer to record their surroundings, thoughts and emotions at the moment they most crave a cigarette. Read more

Get the Facts: Understanding Prevention Studies

Many people may not realize that cancer research studies are not just for cancer patients. People who have not been diagnosed with cancer and those who have successfully completed cancer treatment are excellent potential candidates for cancer prevention studies. Find out how you can improve your overall health and well-being by participating in a cancer prevention study. Read more

Valentine’s Sweetest Treat

The great news this Valentine’s Day is that in addition to being decadent and delicious, moderate amounts of dark chocolate may play a role in cancer prevention. Review our dark chocolate gift guide, and share with your special Valentine the health benefits of this sweet treat.
Read more