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Focused on Health

Focused on Health is a monthly publication for the public, individuals who have not been diagnosed with cancer or who have successfully completed cancer treatment. Readers will learn from the experts how diet, exercise, sun protection, tobacco cessation and wellness exams can help them lead a healthier life.

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Video: Anti Cancer: Explore a New Way of Life with David Servan-Schreiber, M.D., Ph.D. (1:31:04)

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Cancer Prevention on a Budget

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on a Dime
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An Intimate Conversation with
David Servan-Schreiber, M.D., Ph.DDavid Servan Schreiber.
The best-selling author of “Anti Cancer” speaks on cancer prevention and your wallet

David Servan-Schreiber, M.D., Ph.D, international best-selling author of the highly respected book, “Anti Cancer,” gives budget-friendly alternatives to some of his more costly health tips to prevent cancer. Read more