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Focused on Health

Learn how to consume a well-balanced diet, fit exercise into your daily routine, protect yourself from the sun, avoid or quit tobacco, and get appropriate cancer screening exams to reduce your risks for cancer.

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In the May issue of Focused on Health:

Maximize Your Sunscreen

When purchasing sunscreen, do you ever wonder which SPF is best? Most people want to get the best protection possible from their sunscreen. Because of the wide selection of sunscreens available today, sometimes making the right choice can be a confusing task.

Get information on:

  • Choosing the right SPF
  • Applying the right amount of sunscreen
  • Getting the most coverage from your SPF 


Preparing Your Skin For a Day In the Sun

Before leaving your home for a day of outdoor activity, take appropriate precautions to ensure that your skin is well-protected. Susan Chon, M.D., assistant professor of dermatology at M. D. Anderson makes recommendations for:

  • Great sun-protection items to keep handy when outdoors
  • How to protect skin during the hottest times of the day
  • Suggested items that provide added sun defense


Age 8 and Fighting Skin Cancer

When a child is an active 8-year-old who has never had a sunburn or a family history of skin cancer, the last thing parents would expect to hear is that their child has melanoma (the most dangerous form of skin cancer). Missy Fowlkes was in shock when doctors in Jackson, Mississippi, told her they suspected the small, scaly place on her daughter Chloe’s arm to be melanoma. Melanoma affects close to 500 children and adolescents each year.