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Focused on Health

Learn how to consume a well-balanced diet, fit exercise into your daily routine, protect yourself from the sun, avoid or quit tobacco, and get appropriate cancer screening exams to reduce your risks for cancer.

National Cancer Survivors Day is June 1.


From Cancer Patient to Cancer Survivor

Part 1: An Emerging Issue (5:21)

Part 2: We're a Team (5:48)

Part 3: Healthy Living (3:32)

Part 4: Be Informed (3:21)

Part 5: Credits (0:40)

Patient Power:

Cancer Survivorship (37:57)


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In the June issue of Focused on Health:

Issues Faced by Cancer Survivors 

New and improved therapies are allowing an increasing number of people to enjoy a full life after cancer treatment. According to the National Cancer Institute, more than 10 million cancer survivors are alive in the U.S. today. However, staying healthy can be a challenge for cancer survivors because intensive treatments create unique and long-lasting health needs.

Finding support to cope with survivorship issues is crucial to the health and wellbeing of cancer survivors and those supporting them.


Connecting With the Cancer Survivor

For cancer survivors, adjusting to life after cancer treatment can be challenging. Fear of the unknown and a sense of powerlessness can leave many survivors feeling unreachable, especially among those closest to them. However, connecting with others is vital to effectively adapt to what many term as a “new normal.”


Breast Cancer Survivors and Daughters Participate in Weight-Loss Study

“Finding new ways to stay healthy after cancer treatment is a priority in my life,” says Alejandra Leon, a breast cancer survivor who completed treatment in December 2007. Alejandra and her adult daughter Laura recently joined the study "Daughters and Mothers Against Breast Cancer" (DAMES) at M. D. Anderson because they were looking for ways to possibly improve their diet and exercise habits.

“I joined DAMES with my mother because it’s important to me that I continue to support her throughout her cancer journey,” says Laura.