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Focused on Health

Learn how to consume a well-balanced diet, fit exercise into your daily routine, protect yourself from the sun, avoid or quit tobacco, and get appropriate cancer screening exams to reduce your risks for cancer.

This December, get to know your family tree.


Understanding Hereditary Cancer (04:29)

Am I at Risk for Hereditary Cancer?  (04:27)

Gathering Information (pdf)

Gathering Information (Español) (pdf)

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In the December issue of Focused on Health:

Putting an End to Genetic Discrimination

Finally, federal protection against genetic discrimination has arrived. Individuals seeking genetic testing can now feel confident that their test results will be protected. Learn about the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act, the first federal law that protects the public from genetic discrimination, which will be in full effect in November 2009. Read more

Get the Facts: Genetics and Family History

Even though all cancers are "genetic" because they have to do with genes, just a small portion "about 5 or 10 %" are actually inherited. Learn how a person's chances of developing cancer can be influenced by the inheritance of certain kinds of genes that are passed on from generation to generation. Read more

Super Sizing Not a Super Idea

In a world where "super sizing" is a part of mealtime for many American families, maintaining a healthy weight can be a challenge, especially during the busy holiday season. To reduce your risks of cancer, the American Institute of Cancer Research recently recommended that most people should aim to have a Body Mass Index between 21 and 23. Learn about the importance of this new recommendation, and get tips on how to incorporate healthy eating into your holiday celebrations. Read more