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Your guide to eating less red meat

Focused on Health - March 2014

These guides are part of our Healthy Bites guide, developed to help you eat the right foods and lower your cancer risks!

Use this guide to determine how much red meat you are eating. Pork, lamb, deer, buffalo and beef, including hamburgers, are all red meat.

“Eating too much red meat can increase colon cancer risk,” says Mary Ellen Phipps, a wellness dietitian at MD Anderson. “Try to limit red meat to 18 oz. or less each week to keep your cancer risks low.”

Try these healthier protein options instead of red meat.

  • Plant proteins, such as beans, legumes and soy
  • Chicken and fish
  • Low-fat dairy foods

Print the red meat guide

red meat guide


Use this journal to track how much red meat you’re eating each week. Try to eat less than 18 oz. per week.

Print the red meat journal

journal red meat


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