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M. D. Anderson Pediatric Cancer Patients Design New Spring Collection

M. D. Anderson News Release 04/27/10

Spring is finally here! The flowers and trees are blooming, the sun is shining and The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center Children's Art Project has a fresh line of products - just in time to celebrate the season.

Over the winter, M. D. Anderson's pediatric cancer patients were busy developing new and creative products for the arrival of spring. Children worked with their Children's Art Project (CAP) teachers to design and create their own unique pieces, which are then featured on seasonal stationery and other year-round gift items.

"We are always amazed at the imaginations of our young artists," said Shannan Murray, CAP's executive director. "Their hard work and spirit is represented in each new design."

This year, the all-new Butterfly Stickie Pad, designed by Zoe, 14, of Spring, Texas, features 75 self-adhesive sheets, which can be placed on the refrigerator or on the desk at work. In addition, the pad's edge is bevel cut and designed to resemble the outside wings of a butterfly. Each pad is available in a large and small size starting at $6.

The art itself is only part of what makes this season's collection unique. A collaborative effort by Hunter, 21, of Baytown, Texas, Alejandra, 19, of Guadalajara, Mexico, and Micah, 12, of Thomaston, Texas led to the creation of the Animal Parade Baby Romper. This joint effort allowed for multiple artists' drawings to be featured on the same distinctive item. The romper features a series of animal prints for $15.

Another important aspect of this collection was to encourage styles of art that could be featured on seasonally-appropriate items, such as CAP's Flower Power Umbrella. Designed by Gatlin, 8, of Huntsville, Texas, it displays bright watercolor drawings of spring flowers and is $20.

In addition, children produced a creative line of enclosure cards, which can be personalized for businesses, special events and gifts. These designs allowed the artists to focus on a singular theme, such as bluebonnet flowers or the start of spring baseball. More than 40 different enclosure designs are available; all feature customizable messages. Prices start at $30 for a package of 24 cards.

CAP's mission is to support young cancer patients and their families through the sale of products using their artwork. Funds generated each year allow children to participate in summer camps, scholarships, an annual rehabilitative ski trip to Utah and other patient-focused programs. Since CAP's inception, more than $26 million has been returned to continue this goal.

"With each original design and product, we are affirming our commitment to making life better for kids with cancer," Murray said. "It's important to recognize the bravery and talent of each child."

Houston shoppers can find items at area grocery stores and other retail establishments (stationery items only), the Children's Art Project Boutique in the Uptown Park Shopping Center and at all four M. D. Anderson gift shops. The products are also available online at or by calling (800) 231-1580 to place an order or receive a free catalogue. 04/27/10

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