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Free M. D. Anderson Brochure Teaches Public How to Prevent Cancer

Free M. D. Anderson Brochure Teaches Public How to Prevent Cancer
M. D. Anderson News Release 01/02/02

To start the new year right, The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center has revised one of its premier educational tools - M. D. Anderson's Road Map to Cancer Prevention. With a copy of this free publication, anyone can learn how to navigate the road toward a healthier lifestyle.

"Research has shown that up to two-thirds of all cancers may be prevented through healthy lifestyle choices," says Dr. Bernard Levin, vice president for cancer prevention at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center.

The Road Map is a 16-page, easy-to-read brochure that teaches people of all ages ways to eat healthy, exercise, stay tobacco free, limit sun exposure, get appropriate cancer screenings, and learn more about medicines that may prevent cancer. It is available free of charge to individuals requesting a copy by calling toll-free 1-866-342-8883. 

"Some people think that trying to prevent cancer is like driving down a dead-end street, but it is our hope that people will use the Road Map to learn how to incorporate cancer prevention and risk-reduction strategies into their everyday lives," says Jo Ann Ward, director of public education at M. D. Anderson.

Since its first publication in 1996, more than 150,000 Road Map brochures have been distributed to schools, corporations, community/civic organizations and churches through avid community outreach and education efforts by the Public Education Office at M. D. Anderson. Organizations requesting copies of the Road Map brochure may order up to 200 copies at no charge.


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