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M. D. Anderson Physicians Receive Most Awards at ASCO Annual Meeting

M. D. Anderson Physicians Receive Most Awards at ASCO Annual Meeting
M. D. Anderson News Release 05/07/01

Cancer researchers at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center will receive more awards than any other medical institution at the Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Sat., May 12, in San Francisco.

The ASCO Annual Meeting is one of the largest scientific meetings of the year with presen-tations of the latest information in cancer research. The ASCO Awards Program recognizes leading young clinical oncologists from across a broad range of specialties from the United States and around the world. M. D. Anderson researchers will receive 13 of this year’s 31 awards.

Dr. Guillermo Garcia-Manero, assistant professor of medicine in M. D. Anderson’s Department of Leukemia, will receive one of eight Career Development Awards. The awards are presented to physicians in their first, second or third year as full-time faculty members in a university setting. Dr. Garcia-Manero will receive a three-year grant totaling $170,000 for clinical research in leukemia.

Dr. Jonathan C. Trent, clinical fellow in M. D. Anderson’s Division of Cancer Medicine, will receive ASCO’s Young Investigator Award. As one of 23 recipients of the award, Dr. Trent is being re-cognized in his final year as a fellow with a one-year grant of $35,000 for research in soft-tissue sarcoma.

Merit Awards, which are given to second- or third-year oncology fellows who are working in an oncology laboratory or clinical research setting, will be presented to 95 physicians in training – 11 of them hailing from M. D. Anderson. Merit Award winners from M. D. Anderson include: Dr. Sharon H. Giordano; Dr. Marjorie C. Green; Dr. Arthur Y. Hung; Dr. Edward S. Kim; Dr. Zhiyong Li; Dr. Jose A. Lozada; Dr. Arlene O. Siefker-Radtke; Dr. Melanie B. Thomas; Dr. Jeffrey D. Wayne; Dr. Qinghua Xiong; and Dr. James C. Yao.

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