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Colposcopy Clinic

Pre-invasive gynecologic disease (also known as dysplasia) is common and can affect the cervix, vagina and/or vulva. When appropriately treated, cancer of these sites may be prevented. The link between infection with human papilloma virus (HPV) and these conditions has been well established. Most women diagnosed with dysplasia of the cervix have had an abnormal Pap test.

The Colposcopy Clinic at MD Anderson offers diagnosis and treatment for pre-invasive diseases of the lower genital tract, as well as the opportunity to participate in clinical research trials.

Clinic services are available to any woman diagnosed with cervical, vaginal and/or vulvar dysplasia. Any woman with an abnormal Pap smear may also be eligible for evaluation.

Request an Appointment

Appointments are available in the Gynecologic Oncology Center for Colposcopy Clinic visits. Self-referrals or physician referrals are welcome.


Prepare for Your First Visit

We realize that being evaluated at a cancer hospital for a non-cancerous condition may be frightening. Please be reassured that our team of experts will help alleviate any anxiety that you may have at the time of your visit.

We recommend that you arrive early for your first appointment and bring a family member or friend with you. Identify your main questions and concerns and write them down prior to your appointment. Bring copies of any Pap tests or biopsy reports that your outside doctor(s) may have performed. This will assist the clinicians in deciding which treatment plan is best for you.

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