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Embargo Policy


Staff journalists or freelancers on assignment for an established publication(s) are eligible to receive advance, embargoed material from MD Anderson Cancer Center. Writers of internal newsletters and suppliers of financial advice are not eligible. Eligible persons must agree to abide by the conditions of the MD Anderson embargo policy.

Conditions of the Embargo Policy

  • Embargoed information will not be made public in any format, including print media, television, radio or via the Internet, before the date and time specified by MD Anderson. Precise embargo dates accompany all advanced materials.
  • Journalists may not redistribute information within or outside their news organization with the following exception. Journalists may share embargoed papers with experts in the field for the purpose of obtaining relevant commentary.
    • When sharing material with third parties for review, embargoed materials must be clearly labeled with the embargo date and time. 
    • Journalists are responsible for ensuring that all third parties honor the embargo date.
  • Supporting materials provided by MD Anderson, such as graphics, audio, and video clips must be credited to the appropriate source. These materials may not be used to illustrate stories unrelated to MD Anderson without permission.
  • Failure to adhere to this policy will result in revocation of access to all future embargoed material from MD Anderson.

For more information in this policy, contact the Communications Office at (713) 792-0655.

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