MD Anderson celebrates World Cancer Research Day, progress made to end cancer through research

The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center is proud to support World Cancer Research Day, Sept. 24, and its efforts to promote cancer research as a driving force behind progress in cancer prevention, early detection, treatment and survivorship.

World Cancer Research Day, a global collaboration launched in 2016 by 10 institutions, is focusing this year on the theme “Cancer Research Works: Driving Progress Together.” More than 115 organizations, including MD Anderson, have signed on to support the World Cancer Research Day declaration, which calls for individuals, institutions and organizations to join efforts to promote research to reduce the number of people who develop cancer and to improve survival and quality of life for patients with cancer.

“Research is at the very heart of everything we do at MD Anderson, and we know it is vital to ongoing progress in our mission to end cancer,” said Giulio Draetta, M.D., Ph.D., the institution’s chief scientific officer. “Our community of scientists at MD Anderson works collaboratively with one another and with other researchers around the globe to advance exceptional science across all areas. Our collective goal is to drive breakthroughs that will improve the lives of those impacted by this disease.”

As a leader in cancer research determined to accelerate answers to unmet medical needs, MD Anderson is committed to advancing high-impact studies across the spectrum of cancer care, including discovery, prevention, translational and clinical research. In the last fiscal year, MD Anderson invested more than $973 million in research and was the leader in cancer research funded through both the National Institutes of Health and Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas. MD Anderson also was awarded nearly 200 patents in fiscal year 2021 for innovative technologies and therapies.

MD Anderson leads one of the largest cancer clinical trials programs in the world, helping to advance promising new therapies more quickly to patients with both common and rare cancers. Additionally, the institution’s Therapeutics Discovery division leverages its drug discovery and development expertise and industrial capabilities to deliver the next generation of impactful therapies.

Cancer prevention also is a cornerstone of MD Anderson’s approach to eliminating the disease, with many researchers focused on understanding factors that contribute to an individual’s risk of getting cancer in order to develop strategies to prevent it.

Educating and training the next generation of cancer scientists is critical for continued progress in the global effort against cancer. Understanding this, MD Anderson supported more than 5,000 trainees over the previous year in both clinical and research areas.

In support of the theme of World Cancer Research Day, MD Anderson also appreciates that progress is not made by an individual researcher or institution, but by collaboration. Through MD Anderson Cancer Network® and the Global Academic Programs, MD Anderson has organized a national and global network of collaborators focused on impacting the cancer burden around the world. The institution’s Strategic Industry Ventures team also works to build productive relationships with industry collaborators around the globe in order to accelerate the development of new drugs, diagnostics, devices and technologies for the benefit of patients.

“The mission of World Cancer Research Day could not be more closely aligned with our own, and we are proud to stand alongside these organizations to support this effort,” said Peter WT Pisters, M.D., president of MD Anderson. “With the launch of our new Strategy, we are focused on making the greatest impact on humanity possible. Our Breakthroughs theme is critical, as every advancement brings us a new understanding of the disease and gets us closer to our goal to end cancer.”

MD Anderson is committed to enabling the next wave of cancer breakthroughs and is seeking collaborative scientists for multiple faculty and research positions to join its innovative community. Find more information and apply here.