Fagundes Laboratory

Behavioral Mechanisms Explaining Disparities Lab

The Biobehavioral Mechanisms Explaining Disparities Lab (B-MED) integrates theories and methods from psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, and autonomic psychophysiology to understand how the mind and body interact to affect those confronted with stressful life events, with a special emphasis on cancer. 

We are particularly interested in why certain populations do not benefit from the same health status as others, and how past and current adversities contribute to one’s health status. Dr. Christopher Fagundes, Ph.D., an assistant professor in the Department of Health Disparities Research at the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, is the director of the B-MED lab.  

Contact Information

Christopher P. Fagundes
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center  
1400 Pressler
Unit Number: 1440
Houston, TX 77230

Room Number: FCT9.5016
Phone: 713-794-5235
Fax: 713-792-1152
Email: CPFagundes@mdanderson.org

Laboratory Contact:

Danielle Rickert

Shruti Rao