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Radiation Treatment Center

Find out what to expect when you visit the Radiation Treatment Center (video plays in new window).

MD Anderson's Radiation Treatment Center is the most comprehensive facility of its kind in the world. Specially trained board-certified radiation oncologists are skilled in a wide range of standard and emerging treatments.

By using the most current treatment planning technology available to "map" tumors, our radiation oncologists can design treatments with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring that tumors get the most effective dose while healthy tissues and organs are spared.

Radiation oncology at MD Anderson is of the highest quality and focuses on cutting-edge techniques, many of which were developed by our faculty, is what makes us unique and effective.

At MD Anderson, we are always refining radiation oncology treatment methods to deliver the highest-quality patient care possible. Our unmatched range of equipment includes the latest strategies to treat tumors aggressively, while reducing or eliminating some of the side effects that accompany radiation treatment. 

Why Choose the Radiation Treatment Center?

  • State-of-the-art technologies: Peer-reviewed journals demonstrate quality improvement when complex radiation ttreatments are performed by experts
  • Depth of experience: Our physicians specialize in treating specific cancer types, both common and rare
  • Multidisciplinary care: Each patient’s treatment plan and progress is discussed by a team of experts and reviewed in daily conferences to assure high-quality care
  • Recognized leaders: We are the only radiation oncology department in Texas designated as a full member of the Radiation Therapy Oncology Group
  • Flexible scheduling: We provide convenient scheduling to satisfy our patients’ daily treatment needs
  • Wait time: Surveys found that 92% of our patients were satisfied with their treatment wait time

Our Clinical Trials

By receiving treatment at MD Anderson’s Radiation Treatment Center, you will have the opportunity to enroll in one of many active clinical research trials.  Our faculty take an active role in cooperative group studies supported by the National Cancer Institute, as well as developing investigator-initiated trials that cover many different disease sites and stages.

To find out more about clinical trials at MD Anderson for radiation therapy, visit our Clinical Trials page or speak to your doctor.


  • Radiation treatment patients at MD Anderson ring a bell to commemorate the completion of their treatment.

    In a tradition that began in 1996, MD Anderson radiation patients celebrate the end of their treatment by ringing a bell at MD Anderson radiation treatment centers on the main campus, in the Greater Houston area and in Albuquerque, N.M.

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  • MD Anderson Radiation Treatment Center video screenshot

    Take a video tour of MD Anderson's Radiation Treatment Center to learn more about the patient experience. 

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  • Radiation Treatment Center patient and prostate cancer survivor Michael Easton

    Prostate cancer survivor Michael Easton has the MD Anderson Radiation Treatment Center to thank for his successful cancer treatment. 

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  • Introduction to Radiation Oncology

    Radiation treatments are complex and highly individualized. Radiation Oncology at MD Anderson is of the highest quality, and consistently focuses on cutting-edge techniques, many of which were developed by our faculty. Please choose MD Anderson when radiation is recommended as part of your treatment regimen.

  • MD Anderson radiation treatment patient Gerry McKim

    For a man who has faced down hurricanes, cancer was just another storm to weather. So when retired Navy pilot Gerry McKim was diagnosed with oropharynx squamous cell carcinoma, he took it in stride.

  • Proton Therapy Center

    On May 5, 2006, the MD Anderson Proton Therapy Center treated its first patient. Since then, it’s treated more than 3,100 patients from all over the world, including Denmark, Italy, India and Africa, using this innovative technology.

    MD Anderson continues to develop pioneering new techniques and explore the potential for proton therapy to help more people overcome cancer and get back to living their lives.

ACR logoThe Division of Radiation Oncology is one of 5 cancer centers in Texas who hold the prestigious recognition of ACR/ASTRO accreditation. This accreditation is voluntary and recognizes the highest quality for radiation oncology services.

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