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Undiagnosed Gynecology Clinic

If you think you may have a gynecologic cancer, early treatment provides the best chance for cure. 

How would you know if you had a female cancer? 

It's easy to dismiss the first signs of gynecologic cancer. These early symptoms often may appear as pain in the pelvic area or as menstrual irregularities. But a diagnostic evaluation can determine whether these symptoms are actually an early sign of cancer.

Each year, 82,000 cases of gynecologic cancer are diagnosed, but detecting cancer in its earliest stages offers the best chance for cure.

Some gynecologic cancers, especially ovarian cancer, tend to run in families. For this reason, if your mother, sister or daughter has been diagnosed with certain types of cancer, this may place you at an increased risk for developing the disease. Participating in screening and early detection examinations annually, a recommendation for all adults, is your best bet against cancer.

About the Undiagnosed Gynecology Clinic

The Undiagnosed Gynecology Clinic helps women with:

  • Evaluation of abnormal Pap tests
  • Bleeding not related to menstrual periods
  • Chronic bloating

If you experience any of these symptoms, or if your annual well-woman exam indicates the need for further evaluation, such as having abnormal results from a Pap test, health care professionals at the Cancer Prevention Center are available to help by performing additional tests or determining if treatment may be needed.

The Undiagnosed Gynecology Clinic is also available to perform screening exams for women without any symptoms. These well-woman screening exams include Pap tests and pelvic examinations, which are recommended annually for all women over age 18. 

Located in the Cancer Prevention Center, the Undiagnosed Gynecology Clinic offers you the expertise of specially trained, caring health care professionals delivering the highest quality of care that you expect from MD Anderson.

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