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Undiagnosed Breast Clinic

Finding a breast lump or otherwise suspecting you have a breast problem is a frightening experience. You worry that it may be cancer, and you wonder what will happen if it is.

Fear of the unknown may cause some women to delay seeking medical attention. But if you think you might have a problem, seeing a doctor immediately is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Prompt evaluation can relieve the stress that comes from uncertainty. Your doctor can determine whether your breast lump or other symptom indicates a problem or is benign, as many lumps are.

If you have breast cancer, early diagnosis can improve your chances of early detection and successful treatment.

In fact, the five-year survival rate for women whose breast cancer is diagnosed at an early stage is 97%. MD Anderson's Cancer Prevention Center, an outstanding choice for cancer screening and early detection, has a special clinic for patients who need breast evaluation or a biopsy.

The Undiagnosed Breast Clinic helps women who:

  • Have found a lump
  • Have had an abnormal mammogram or breast ultrasound
  • Seek a second opinion about a lump or other abnormality
  • Have symptoms concerning for inflammatory breast cancer (swollen red breast, often but not always with an inverted nipple)

Fueled by the latest technology and distinguished by a caring and competent staff, the Cancer Prevention Center delivers the excellence you expect from one of the world's top cancer centers.

The Center also provides regular screening mammograms and clinical breast exams, which are recommended annually for all women over age 40.

Helpful Information For Your Clinician

If you have never had a mammogram at MD Anderson, please make every effort to bring your original mammogram films from other facilities. Doing so will help MD Anderson physicians confirm your internal breast anatomy, giving them a better point of reference should any abnormalities be present.

If you have had an abnormal mammogram, breast ultrasound study or biopsy, or have had these done elsewhere to evaluate a problem, providing the results to your MD Anderson clinician will facilitate an  accurate diagnosis. You may have these reports faxed to the Cancer Prevention Center prior to your visit. When you come in for your visit, if at all possible, please bring any prior original mammogram films, ultrasound or biopsy slides.

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